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The modeling tools available on this website have been developed, refined, distributed, and supported by not-for-profit conservation organizations so that you can be more effective in your species conservation efforts. The people who bring these tools to you feel passionate about making such tools as widely available as possible. We are especially committed to making such tools  for conservation available to students and to colleagues in those often biodiversity rich countries where access to financial resources for conservation is more difficult.


Your help is essential

We do not charge market prices for access to our conservation tools, nor even a modest fee that would cover the true costs of development and distribution. Therefore, the wide distribution of Vortex, MetaModel Manager, Outbreak, and PMx, the ongoing refinements to the programs, and the development of new tools for conservation will be possible only if those who can pay for these tools do make the small effort to do so. A wild guess as to the cost of development of each software package is US$100/user, but any amount of support is appreciated.


How to help

To make a donation to support the further development and distribution of software tools, write a check to "Chicago Zoological Society" and send it to:


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or see the Chicago Zoological Society website for information about other ways to donate.