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Editing or removal of User Registration


You can remove your registration of SCTI software if you no longer wish to receive notices of upgrades to the software. If you wish to change information in your registration -- such as your email address or the software that you are using, please edit your registration information below. 


To remove or edit your registration, you must first enter either the UserName or the Email address that you provided when you registered. To edit, next use the 'Find my registration' button.





  Click on this button to find a prior registration based on your UserName or Email.
If you want to remove your registration, click on one of the buttons to the left.

 If you wish to edit your registration, modify entries on this page and then click on the Submit button at the bottom.

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Which software tools do you use?

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MetaModel Manager


Vortex Adaptive Manager




List the taxon or taxa with which you are working. List one per line, and use whatever taxonomic levels best describe your work.

For what primary purposes do you use the software? (Check one or more.)


Conservation planning

Management of populations in the wild

Management of captive populations


Learning (e.g., as a student)

Something else

Are you fluent in written, scientific English?
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