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References on the use of PMx software for pedigree analysis and management


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  • Frankham, R., J.D. Ballou, K. Ralls, M.D.B. Eldridge, M.R. Dudash, C.B. Fenster, R.C. Lacy, and P. Sunnucks. 2017. Genetic Management of Fragmented Animal and Plant Populations. Oxford University Press, Oxford UK.      A highly useful textbook that provides a lot of the background for how and when to use Vortex, PMx, and other tools for guiding the management of populations.

  • Jamieson, I.G., and R.C. Lacy. 2012. Managing genetic issues in reintroduction biology. Pages 441-475 in: J.G. Ewen, D.P. Armstrong, K.A. Parker, & P.J. Seddon, eds. Reintroduction Biology: Integrating Science and Management. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK.      

  • Lacy, R.C. 2012. Extending pedigree analysis for uncertain parentage and diverse breeding systems. Journal of Heredity 103:197-205.      

  • Lacy, R.C., J.D. Ballou, & J.P. Pollak. 2012. PMx: Software package for demographic and genetic analysis and management of pedigreed populations. Methods in Ecology & Evolution 3:433-437.      

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