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PMx is a package of demographic and genetic analysis tools to assist with the management of breeding programs for wildlife species. PMx was developed by Jonathan Ballou (Smithsonian Institution/National Zoological Park), Robert Lacy (Chicago Zoological Society), and JP Pollak (Cornell University). The concepts and design of PMx benefitted immensely from input by the AZA Small Population Management Advisory Group, the EAZA European Population Management Advisory Group, the International Species Information System, and colleagues in zoos and conservation organizations around the world.



Software citation:

Ballou, J.D., R.C. Lacy, and J.P. Pollak. 2010. PMx: software for demographic and genetic analysis and management of pedigreed populations. Chicago Zoological Society, Brookfield, Illinois, USA.




Note: If the msi installation file does not work for you, try downloading the zip file, extracting the two files, and then running setup.exe.




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