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MetaModels Listserv

MetaModels can be powerful tools for assessing the multiple, interacting threats facing species, and determining the actions most likely to counter those threats effectively.


However, creating and using MetaModels can be difficult!


This email discussion group provides a forum for metamodelers to ask questions of colleagues, provides answers, describe interesting applications of metamodels, or raise issues.


Also, the listserv will provide another medium for announcing updates, bug fixes, and suggestions from the developers of MetaModel Manager.


To sign up for the MetaModel Listserv, go to the web site:


The list is unmoderated and open to anyone who wishes to participate. The list administrator will have the power to permanently block from the list any subscribers who send offensive messages, extraneous messages that would obviously be of no interest to users of MetaModel Manager, or advertisements for products. site built by Robert Lacy and JoAnna Kelly

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