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 Spatial FAQs

If you have a question about the use of Spatial, please read the manual, then search the FAQs below, and then -- if you don't find an answer, submit your question.


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Q:>  Do you know when the manual for Spatial will be available?  Submit Answer

      A:>  Maybe not for a while. There are some fixes to Spatial that are needed to make it more stable and user-friendly, and we are still seeking the resources to get that done. We realize that we then need also to have a good manual for Spatial.

Q:>  ¿No manual or a guide for the user?  Submit Answer

      A:>  No, not yet.

Q:>  I downloaded the Spatial installation, but I don't see any setup.exe or other installation file in the file. How do I install it?  Submit Answer

      A:>  To install Spatial, all that you need to do is to unzip that file into some folder on your computer. No other installation is needed, and you can start Spatial by clicking on Spatial.exe. (Knowing how to use Spatial is a much more complicated matter!)

Q:>  Can the program run on a Mac?  Submit Answer

      A:>  The program was developed for Windows-based PCs. It can run on a Mac that is running a version of Windows OS or a Windows emulator. The details of how to do this will need to be provided by some Mac-user. (Anyone want to offer further information?)


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