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 Outbreak FAQs

If you have a question about the use of Outbreak, please read the manual, then search the FAQs below, and then -- if you don't find an answer, submit your question.


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Q:>  Will the current version of the program run under old Windows XP?  Submit Answer

      A:>  Probably not. The .NET Framework that is a core part of current Windows (i.e., Win7 and up) is not compatible with Windows XP. Thus, many newer programs that are compiled for the current versions of Windows will not run under XP. Usually, the installation of the program will fail.

Q:>  Q:>Can Outbreak be used on a Linux plataform?  Submit Answer

      A:>  Only if you have a Windows emulator of some sort. (See similar Q below regarding using Outbreak on a Mac.) The Outbreak simulation code could probably be recompiled for Linux without too much hassle, but the Outbreak user interface uses a lot of Windows-specific tools.

Q:>  I tried to download the new installation, but I got a warning about a bad or missing certificate (or unknown publisher). Also, when I did download it, it crashes when I run the new version with an error about missing files. What is wrong?  Submit Answer

      A:>  You can safely ignore that warning. We cannot afford the cost and hassle of becoming a "known" publisher (in MS's eyes), but no one has ever encountered a virus in our software. If you get errors when trying to run a new version (or if the installation fails for whatever reason), then first uninstall the old version, then download and install the newest version, and then reboot. The problem often is that Windows doesn't fully install and recognize all the new files in the installation unless you go through these steps.

Q:>  Is there a manual for Outbreak?  Submit Answer

      A:>  There is one in preparation. It was almost done when we decided to completely rewrite the program (probably not making us the endeared to the manual writer). We hope that the manual for Outbreak 2.0 will be ready by later in 2013.

Q:>  Can Outbreak be used on a Mac?  Submit Answer

      A:>  Outbreak was developed for Windows-based PCs. It can run on a Mac that is running a version of Windows OS or a Windows emulator. The details of how to do this will need to be provided by some Mac-user. (Anyone want to offer further information?)


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