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Q:>  Buenas noches soy estudiante de Biología de la UNAH, en la clase de manejo voy a exponer sobre el programa vortex... podrían darme una idea o alguna secuencia lógica para ello, ya que no tengo ni idea de como funciona este programa... gracias  Submit Answer

Q:>  Can the software be installed on a drive other than C:?  Submit Answer

      A:>  Yes. These programs can be installed anywhere on your system. However, the installation will create some project folders, with the default locations being on the C: drive. If the C: drive does not exist or is not accessible, then the installation might fail. The current versions of the installations will prompt you for the locations of these folders, so that you can put them on a drive that is valid on your system.

Q:>  I got a notice that a new PMx is available, but when I download the installation, it still seems to be a version that is month's out of date. Is there something newer?  Submit Answer

      A:>  Yes, there is a new PMx (release date 14 June 2013) and the installation is on the website. The problem is that internet servers will often provide you with previously stored ("cached") versions of files unless you tell your browser to force the server to go to the website to get the latest version. Usually, you can do this by hitting F5 or the "refresh" icon on your browser after you go to the download website.
      A:>  Further info about this problem ... sometimes even hitting F5 won't successfully refresh a download link. A way to force any url to get a fresh copy rather than anything stored in memory is to add "?xx=9999" to the end of the url (without the quotes). E.g., to get the latest PMx you can go to

Q:>  Can I install software downloaded from this site by just unzipping the files, without doing the full installation that requires admin or other installation rights on the PC?  Submit Answer

      A:>  In most cases, no. The zip file versions of the downloads are still the Windows installation files, provided because some intenet browser settings will block downloads of .msi files. Therefore, after unzipping the downloaded file, you will need to proceed with the installation by running the .msi or setup. The one exception to this is that Spatial is distributed as an .exe than can be downloaded and run directly.

Q:>  How can I do a search for ALL FAQs -- so that I get the table with every FAQ in the database?  Submit Answer

      A:>  Just leave the box empty, so that it searches on no text at all. This will retrieve a table of all FAQs.

Q:>  Can I edit or remove an FAQ, Reference, or Application that I submitted before?  Submit Answer

      A:>  Not directly. If you need to edit a prior submission, you can enter it again with the changes, and then send an email to to request that the old one be removed.
      A:>  Also note that the website manager reserves the right to remove any FAQs, References, or Applications that he feels are not correct, appropriate, or useful.

Q:>  Why does the website sometimes lock up when I try to go to FAQs, References, or Applications, and then give an error message (in fine print) about an "SQL Exception"?  Submit Answer

      A:>  We think it is because the Earthlink webhost is sometimes overloaded. This causes response time from the site for database queries to be so slow that the site gives up waiting.


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