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Bug reports


If you encounter a problem in the software that you believe might be due to a bug ...

  • Confirm that you are using the latest version of the program. (The bug might already have been fixed!)
  • Document to the extent possible the conditions that triggered the bug. (What were you doing when it happened?)
  • If possible, save a screen capture of the program display that shows the problem or the error message that was triggered.
  • Save a copy of the input file with project settings that shows the problem.

Send an email to

with the following information:

  • Your name (Your name and email address will be used confidentially only if we need to contact you for more information about the problem)
  • Software where the problem was encountered (Vortex, VortexAdaptiveManager, Outbreak, MetaModelManager, or PMx)
  • Operating System (Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, other?)
  • Description of the problem (Please be as specific as possible.)
  • Insert any screen shots (program displays or error messages) that show the problem
  • Add any attachments that would help to document the problem, including project files


We cannot guarantee that we will have the time or ability to respond to all bug reports, but we appreciate being notified of problems.