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What is the

Species Conservation Toolkit Initiative?


The Species Conservation Toolkit Initiative (SCTI) is a partnership to ensure that the new innovations and tools needed for species risk assessment, conservation planning, and managing populations are developed, are globally available, and are used effectively. The initiative leverages expertise in population biology, computer programming, and species conservation planning to: build and support modeling tools that are essential to guiding conservation actions for thousands of threatened species in the wild; facilitate the intensive management of hundreds of species that are being protected within ex situ programs; and integrate conservation efforts across the spectrum of management approaches.

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SCTI management structure

SCTI is managed jointly by Chicago Zoological Society (CZS), Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI), and IUCN SSC Conservation Planning Specialist Group (CPSG), with funds held in a dedicated account at CZS and staff positioned wherever they can contribute most to the work of the partnership. SCTI staff positions currently include a conservation scientist programmer and a coordinator of training, and CZS, SCBI, and CPSG senior conservation scientists contribute substantial time to the initiative. An advisory group consists of representatives of partner organizations and key user communities.





Partners and Sponsors of the

Species Conservation Toolkit Initiative

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